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Jim Mitchell Room

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The Jim Mitchell room is slightly smaller than The Nokes room but has a kitchenette within the room whereas the Nokes room does not.  The room can be used for small meetings or one to one sessions and is often used by our Pre-School Staff to write up Learning Journals for the children.

The Jim Mitchell Room was named after the late Labour Councillor of Gadebridge whose father-in-law, John Wood was Mayor of Hemel Hempstead. Jim was highly thought of in the Gadebridge area.

When Jim sadly passed away, Mary Hutchings painted a picture in memory of Jim, the painting is a picture of the woods that are located behind Marlins Turn where Jim resided and was well known to love the woods. This is one of two paintings by Mary that are still hanging in the Jim Mitchell room today.

The Jim Mitchell Room is used on a weekly basis by our IT Café. The Café is open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am – 12pm with a donation of £1 per visit you will be able to use the internet, receive IT help and get a nice cuppa made for you. The Café is run by volunteers who are very helpful and friendly and most of our Internet Café users come for the social aspect as well as the Internet Service.

There is also the facility to do printing or photocopying for a small fee which is also organised by our volunteers.

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